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Is my job right for me?

Most people can answer this question rather easily just by measuring the level of stress, comfort, and joy they experience on their job day to day. Outside of the obvious emotional response to your job, how do you rationally analyze if the job is good for you?

Ask yourself...

  • What skills am I learning that will be marketable over the next few years?
  • Is the current product or service that my company is involved with considered marketable over the next few years?
  • Do I enjoy what I'm doing? Am I being challenged enough?
  • Do I get involved in new and exciting projects?
  • Have I learned 80% of my current skills in this position and therefore maxed out on my growth curve?

Am I right for my job?

In some economies it's enough just to have a job, but engineering is such a hot market, you may just have a choice. Decide what your goals are and if you are likely to meet them in your current position. Align your skills, personal strengths, and interests.

Ask Yourself...

  • Am I a jack of all trades and an expert at none? How will that affect my career?
  • Do I want a management position? (because you like to lead or be in charge)
  • Do I want to stay in hands-on but state-of-the-art work?
  • Do I want more responsibility? (because you thrive under pressure)
  • Do I want less responsibility? (because you value family and quality of life more)

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